How to Use Honey for Beauty and Wellness

How to Use Honey for Beauty and Wellness

Honey is a superfood in every way, deserving high honors and praise. Besides being an exquisite-tasting natural alternative for sugar, honey offers incredible wellness support, emergency care and should be an integral part of anyone’s beauty regimen.


Research has shown that honey contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act as antioxidants, are found in honey. The amount and type of these compounds depends largely on the floral source.


When it comes to healthcare, nobody enjoys having a sore or ticklish throat. Honey offers soothing, effective results.

A study by a Penn State College of Medicine research team found that
honey may offer parents an effective and safe alternative. The study
found that a small dose of buckwheat honey given before bedtime provided
better relief of nighttime cough and sleep difficulty in children than
no treatment or dextromethorphan (DM), … Read the rest

Heat or Ice? Which remedy to use

Heat or Ice? Which remedy to use

Heat and ice are natural at home remedies for many aches and
pains. However, depending on your particular problem, there is a preferential
treatment for alleviation. In general, heat increases blood flow which helps
tight muscles to relax and helps stiff joints to loosen up. Ice works by
constricting blood flow which numbs pain, reduces inflammation, and helps
prevent bruising.


In general heat is used for chronic long-term injuries. The
increased temperature makes the area feel better. In doing so, flexibility is
increased. Again, bouts of 20 minutes should be performed whenever pain is
felt. For arthritis, heat will help loosen up stiff joints. Heat can help
reduce the severity of headaches. When applied to the neck area, heat will
relax the throbbing head and tension of the neck muscles. Heat can also reduce
the stiffness of muscle sprains, especially those that have lasted longer than
6 weeks. It … Read the rest

Is sense gratification the only key to happiness

Is sense gratification the only key to happiness

The question we face on a
daily basis is, does true happiness come from temporary sense gratification or
is there a higher level of complete happiness?

Woodstock initiated the “hippie”
exposure and the alleged complete happiness of sense gratification.

Before we can get into how
the hippie movement turned America and the rest of the world into self
gratification, we have to first take a look at the “hippie” culture.

The hippie movement began in
America in the mid-60s, though its roots go back several years earlier. Within
four or five years the movement had spread to all of Europe, the Scandinavian
countries, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Philippines,
Africa and South America.

This movement was a unique
cultural phenomenon and had far-reaching influence and impact not only on
American society, but also in practically the entire world.

Understanding the attraction
that the hippie movement had to a … Read the rest