Hurry to the Todd Snyder Summer Sale for the Lowest Prices of the Season

Hurry to the Todd Snyder Summer Sale for the Lowest Prices of the Season

This will be the best Todd Snyder sale until the holidays—book on it. The Summer Sale is happening now, and for a limited time you can take up to 70 percent off Clearance styles at Todd Snyder. Even better, you get 30 percent off Newly Added items, too. That means sweet summer deals on sweet summer gear, like shorts and tees.

The chance to get a discount on new arrivals at Todd Snyder is rare. Sizes and colors are already running low. So get over to right now and take advantage of these deals before it’s too late. Most of the discounts fall in the 30-40 percent range.

Best Deals Until the Holidays

There are tons of stuff on sale, including camp shirts, shorts, and sneakers for summer. Todd’s entire selection of iconic Vans sneakers is included in the sale, including slip-ons and those patterned and two-tone classics. … Read the rest

This Free Service Protects Your Passwords, Credit Cards and More

This Free Service Protects Your Passwords, Credit Cards and More

Ever had your social media or email hacked? Ever given up in frustration trying to log in to an app or website because you’ve forgotten your password? Of course you have—we all have. Never lose a password again, protect your online identity, and keep all your passwords safe and secure in one place with Dashlane.

Fact is, we are living in a digital age, and all of us have a digital life. It’s just floating around out there on the world wide web for everyone to see. And with the advent of the cloud and the explosion of e-commerce the last decade or so, that online identity became much easier to access—not just for us, but for anyone who cares enough to dig.

What Is Dashlane?

Dashlane is an app that automatically creates, stores, and encrypts your log-ins, passwords, payment information, and other sensitive personal data across all your … Read the rest

Get Summer’s Hottest Shades of Blue with Randolph USA

Get Summer’s Hottest Shades of Blue with Randolph USA

Since 1973, Randolph USA has made high-quality sunglasses just outside of Boston, Massachusetts with top-grade, responsibly sourced materials. 50 different artisans cut, mold, stamp, twist, solder, plate, and polish each pair of Randolph frames in a 200-step process (predominantly by hand) that takes more than six weeks for each pair. Randolph is so confident in its frame joints that each and every pair is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Each pair of Randolph sunglasses meet specifications precise enough to meet the demands of the world’s toughest critics, including the US Department of Defense, pilots, naval aviators, astronauts, and even Hollywood stars. You’ve probably seen them on guys like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Randolphs are also found in Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, worn by stars like John Krasinski, and made it to the big screen in the Captain Marvel movie.

Randolph makes more than a dozen … Read the rest

Summer Style: What to Wear to the Beach and Beyond

Summer Style: What to Wear to the Beach and Beyond

Of the many things to love about summer, easy, breezy style is near the top of the list. You want outfits that are comfortable and feel effortless from the beach to the boardwalk.

Here are our favorite new menswear looks—perfect for wherever you soak up the sun. These are the outfits you’ll have on rotation all summer long.

Get the Look (above)

Sun‘N’Sand Elena Rush Straw Fedora [$16;]

Ben Sherman Short Sleeve Satin Stripe Shirt [$99;]

Raymond Weil Freelancer Skeleton Limited Edition [$2,695;]

Fair Harbor The One Short With Liner [$64;]

Ankari Floruss Marigold Saturday Lace-Up Sneaker [$165;]


Chris Callaway

UNTUCKit Navy Jean-Louis Shirt [$88;]

Givenchy GV7126/S Aviator Sunglasses [$410;]

Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook Automatic [$2,100;]

Onia Collin Pant [$140;]

Sperry Striper II Salt … Read the rest

Power Up Your Pullups With This Small Tweak

Power Up Your Pullups With This Small Tweak

Your littlest digit is key to eking out more pullups, explains Joel Sanders, director of adult training at EXOS in Phoenix.

Pinkies are the little engine that could. Though small, they can contribute as much as 33 percent of grip strength. As a result, for any exercise or movement that requires gripping—pullups, triceps dips, kettlebell swings, dumbbell or barbell work—over­looking the pinky is a mistake. The way to “activate” the pinky is through a technique called irradiation. It’s when the chain of muscles and nerves that run from the hand, up the sides of arms, through the shoulders, and all the way to the neck, are contracting to create force. Here’s how to feel it out. Using your dominant hand, grab the wrist of the nondom­inant side. At first, squeeze only with your thumb through ring fingers. Relax, then squeeze again, focusing on the pinkie. You should … Read the rest

How to Find Whitewater-Rafting Paradise in Mexico

How to Find Whitewater-Rafting Paradise in Mexico

Mexico isn’t exactly known for forested, whitewater-rafting spots. But cutting through the southern state of Chiapas, near the Yucatán Peninsula, is one of the world’s most stunning river gorges—a roughly 50-mile canyon, with near-vertical limestone walls, that snakes through pristine lowland forest.

Dubbed the Sacred Canyon of the Río la Venta, the gorge is occasionally run by outfitters during the rainy season, when runoff creates Class III–IV whitewater.

But if you go in the dry season, as Taylor Burk, a Vancouver-based photographer, and seven friends did this past April, the trip should be a little more relaxed. Over eight days, the group floated some 30 miles, watching as villagers spearfished, camping on deserted beaches, and seeing “a lot of strange bugs, birds, and bats,” Burk recalls.

On … Read the rest