10 Leg Workouts You Aren’t Doing, But Should

You know the saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Einstein probably wasn’t thinking about leg day when he said that, but you should.

If you’re guilty of doing the same exercises every time you train your lower body, consider this: Not only will monotony make your workouts boring, therefore impacting your motivation to do them in the first place, but it’ll also drastically slow down your results.

Studies have shown that both changing the exercises you’re doing, as well as utilizing periodization, which makes small adjustments to volume, intensity, or tempo to your regular workouts, can help break through plateaus, improve strength, and avoid overtraining injuries.

So, enough with the same old barbell back squats and dumbbell lunges. These 10 expert-crafted legs workouts will get you and your muscles out of their comfort zones. They each utilize a unique element, such as a piece of equipment or modality, or hone in on a skill or function that you’re likely ignoring.

Bottom line: No matter what your fitness goal or exercise method of choice, you’ll find a new workout that just might become your new, on-rotation favorite come leg day.

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