13 Awesome Finds to Upgrade Your Space

Let’s face it: You man-cave could use some sprucing up. Clean up your crib with some great furniture, awesome bedding, plush rugs, and fantastic mattresses with one of these great deals on home furnishings.

A man’s home is his castle, as they say. Even if you share an apartment in a roommate situation, there’s no reason your personal space has to send the same message as the rest of the joint. A few well-appointed items in your bedroom can tweak that message, and your space will convey something more grown-up, stylish, and cultured.

Check out the deals below from these great companies:

  • Awara

  • Bundle

  • DreamCloud

  • Nectar

  • Wovenly

Take your bed. Are you really willing to share it with another human? The time to get a new mattress is now. They’ve never been cheaper, and the new breed of memory foam mattresses are long-lasting and sustainable. Best of all, Nectar, DreamCloud, or Awara will bring it right to the house. Within a few days you could dump that old saggy spring job with the crater in the middle for a firm yet soft foam mattress. Finish it off with new sheets and pillows and a weighted blanket, and you’ll have a cozy cocoon thing that’s ripe for sharing.

And what about your couch? It’s got a serious butt-groove worn in it. Which is fine if you’re Homer Simpson; not so much if you’re a single guy trying to impress someone you care about. Get a new sofa in a vibrant, serious color that doesn’t smell like it’s been slept on a thousand times.

A hardwood floor also screams “I don’t care!” Surround your bed or line the floor in front of your couch with a sexy, soft new rug. Wovenly has a ton of them on sale, and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and piles to suit any style. And if you really want to make a fresh statement, bean bag chairs are back in a HUGE way. Great for relaxing, snuggling, or even sleeping, Bundle’s Bean Bag chair is made of memory foam, which is far more comfortable and longer-lasting than an actual bean bag.

So if you’re serious about getting your life together, start with your living space. Check out some of these killer pieces.

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