All the Surprising Facts We Learned From the ‘Game of Thrones’ Documentary ‘The Last Watch”

Even though Game of Thrones ended as a series, HBO had one more major look at Season 8 in the documentary The Last Watch. The documentary took a look at the crew members, directors, production staff, and everyone behind-the-scenes who helped make the final season of the series happen.

While many fans understand what it takes to bring Game of Thrones to life, The Last Watch showed it off in great detail, spotlighting different departments and giving a peek behind the curtain of how some of the biggest moments of the season were filmed and choreographed. Whether it’s stuntmen working out fight scenes, hair people creating incredible wigs, or extras getting ready for battle, you’ve never seen Game of Thrones quite like this.

Here are a bunch of awesome things we learned from the Game of Thrones documentary The Last Watch.

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