Allbirds Takes Flight with Limited Edition, First-ever Patterned Collection

Allbirds already makes what most consider to be the world’s most comfortable shoes. Where does the trailblazing brand go from here? Today, Allbirds breaks the mold again by releasing its first-ever patterned shoes. This limited edition collection of Houndstooth, ZigZag, and Polkadot Tree Toppers won’t be in stores until July 16, but we scored an exclusive early link, so you can get yours right now by clicking here.

These. Are. Awesome.

If you’re thinking these high tops won’t be wearable until fall, think again. Allbirds Pattern Collection Tree Toppers are made using a proprietary mesh knit textile from sustainably harvested eucalyptus tree pulp. So they’re breathable and silky-smooth, even in the summer heat. Naturally-derived and renewable, it’s much friendlier to the environment than traditional shoe material.

Even the laces are environmentally sound. They’re made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester; basically, one old plastic bottle becomes one pair of durable, sleek shoelaces. The design weave takes its cue from nautical rope, and the bio-based material that forms the eyelets is tougher and more resilient than plastic.

Wanna go sockless? No problem. The plush insoles are lined with merino wool fabric for natural softness. And wool has legendary moisture-wicking and odor reduction. The cushioned footbed is derived from castor bean oil, which also cuts carbon output when compared to petroleum-based foam.

Born from Brazilian sugarcane, SweetFoam is the world’s first carbon negative green EVA. The outsole’s contours provide bouncy comfort that’s light on your feet as well as the planet.

Best of all, Allbirds shoes are completely machine washable—and the price point on these is no higher than the rest of the Tree Topper line ($115).

Where Can You Get Them?

The shoes are currently available via Instagram, and you can head there to learn more. For now, the three limited-edition Allbirds Patterned Collection is available only in the high-top Tree Topper style, and just in a black/grey colorway. But if they’re a hit, who knows what the future holds? Take a look at each of the three Patterned Tree Toppers below, and pick yours up today before they’re all gone.

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