Callaway Cooling Apparel is the Perfect Gift for Golfers

One of the pioneers of breathable, cooling golf shirts, Callaway brought the hex pattern into the game years ago. The hex allowed Callaway’s golf shirts to breathe and dry quickly. It wasn’t long until golfers on courses around the world soon raved about Callaway’s fantastic golf shirts.

Today, Callaway is one of the most recognized brands on the course. It’s worn by dozens of pros and legions of duffers worldwide. And the reason is simple: Because it works. Comfortable as well as stylish, Callaway Apparel looks as good off the course as it works on it.

But Callaway Apparel didn’t stop when it was ahead. The company is utilizing modern technology and contemporary fabrics to craft golf wear that stretches, breathes, and dries like no other. And this time of year, those qualities are essential on the course.

Stay Focused on the Game

A sweat-soaked shirt is not just unsightly and embarrassing, it’s uncomfortable. And when you’re not comfortable, you get distracted. If you’re distracted, you don’t play well. It’s as simple as that. Golf is a game of millimeters, not just inches, and the slightest distraction can ruin a shot. One bad shot can ruin the whole round. And a bad round of golf makes for a bad day all around.

So head over to today, and check out their big sale on cooling apparel. It’s moisture-wicking and heat transferring, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry and keeping his mind on the game. And it’s good-looking enough to take anyone far beyond the course.

The selection is vast, and much of it is on sale. A bunch of it is made just for Big & Tall guys, with sizes up to 5X. There’s also a great Clearance section, where you can score awesome deals on blowout items. And every order over $99 gets free shipping.

Here are few pieces of Callaway cooling apparel we wouldn’t mind swinging in this summer.

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