Life Advice from Tom Waits

Life Advice from Tom Waits

Iconic singer-songwriter-actor Tom Waits, now co-starring in the zombie flick The Dead Don’t Die, talks about kids who won’t listen, being a good liar, and that time the Dalai Lama ran off with his wife—all in the latest Life Advice column.

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner, fudge is made.

OK. Who were your heroes growing up?

Rod Serling; David Janssen, from The Fugitive; Cantinflas—he was a Mexican comedian. Boris Karloff, Marty Robbins, Lenny Bruce, Ken Nordine.

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That’s a pretty diverse group. What do you think they have in common?

Who knows? My dad left our family when I was about 11, so a lot of the men in my life that I looked up to were father figures.

How should a person handle getting older?

You don’t have to handle getting older. Getting older handles … Read the rest