Backcountry Tips for the Ultimate Wilderness Weekend

Backcountry Tips for the Ultimate Wilderness Weekend

There’s no better time for a wilderness weekend than summer, when you can make s’mores over a crackling fire, pop open a can of wine fresh from the cooler, and sit back under a sky blanketed with stars.

To make the most of your time outdoors, here are some tips to take your backcountry excursion from simple to sublime.

1. See the Light

A dedicated light that you can hang in your tent will make your campsite feel more comfortable come dusk and help inside the tent feel more like a proper bedroom than a nylon coffin. Plus, if you take an evening walk (or need to relieve yourself), you can turn it on and easily find your way back to the glowing orb. A Goal Zero Light-a-Life is a good option, but most any hangable electric lantern should do.


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