How to Make Fresh Mozzarella

How to Make Fresh Mozzarella

It’s easy to find fresh mozzarella, but there are few things more impressive than being able to point to a white globe and say, “Yeah, I made that.”

This recipe, from chef Heather Terhune of Tre Rivali in Milwaukee, starts like every other cheese recipe: a pot of warm milk that you acidulate to help separate the curds (what becomes cheese) from the whey (the liquid by-product).

When that happens, you basically have ricotta; the warming and gentle stretching is what creates mozzarella. Serve warm from the pot, covered in extra-virgin olive oil and flaky salt.

Degree of difficulty: Difficult

Total time: 1 hour

Is it Cheese Yet?  The 4 Stages of Mozzarella 


1. Combine milk and citric acid in a cast-iron pot.

Making Mozzarella Step 2

2. Gently stir the curds; you do not want them to break up

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