Contacts: Wear them with caution

Contacts: Wear them with caution

Wearing contacts is a convenient correction to vision that
eliminates the extra pair of glasses. However, according to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, at least 41 million contact lens wearers in the
U.S. are practicing at least one behavior that can cause risk for eye
infection. Wearing contacts also puts a person at risk for eye infections and
corneal ulcers. It is important to make sure to avoid the following common
mistakes when it comes to wearing contacts.

  1. Don’t wear your contacts for too long: This can
    cause scarring and loss of vision. Because contacts sit on top of the cornea, they
    are actually blocking oxygen supply to this area. Letting the cornea have
    oxygen from time to time is recommended. The longer worn, the higher the risk
    for germ accumulation.
  2. Wearing contacts in water: They should not be
    worn in swimming pools or hot tubs. Water has
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Hand Sanitizer: Does it work??

Hand Sanitizer: Does it work??

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. When this gel first hit the market, we were prone to believe it would stop all germs in their tracks.  However, in certain situations, soap and water are not available. When this occurs, according to the CDC, using alcohol -based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can be effective. Alcohol concentration between 60-90% can successfully help kill germs. When correctly used, alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill many types of microbes, understand that soap and water are most effective at killing more strains of germs. Application must involve spreading the sanitizer over the entire hand. However, when the hands are too greasy or soiled, sanitizer will not be as effective. They also do not remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

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