Under Canvas Glamping Announces #PayWhatYouCan Campaign

Under Canvas Glamping Announces #PayWhatYouCan Campaign

For many of us, summertime is synonymous with time spent outdoors—hiking, mountain biking, kicking it in a lazy river. The experience doesn’t just afford us a sense of adventure and the opportunity to get out of our everyday ruts.

Science shows that being outdoors is good for our health, and that camping, in particular, gives us some of the best sleep of our lives.

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For a lot of Americans, there’s one big hurdle: the cost. Getting kitted out at your local outdoor retailer is no cheap feat. And some 39 million Americans can’t afford a summer vacation at all. So, Under Canvas, the premiere company specializing in immersive glamping experiences, launched its #paywhatyoucan campaign. As the name suggests, the costs of the trip will only be what you can afford—nothing more, nothing less.

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