The Best Grills for Small Outdoor Spaces

The Best Grills for Small Outdoor Spaces

If you’re anything like us, you want to grill everything come summer: fire-licked skirt steak and juicy burgers with the perfect amount of char, skewered shrimp and cedar-plank salmon—hell, even cocktails and dessert.

But if you’re a city-dweller, you’re at a disadvantage. That tiny charcoal grill you bought at Target may fit on your closet-size patio, but it fails to deliver flavor and can barely fit more than a single steak.

Just because you live in a city or small space doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to sub-par charred vegetables or smoked meat. More and more blue ribbon companies are making compact, quality, patio-friendly grills.

Great news because grilling is a great addition to healthy cooking, says chef and dietitian Julie Andrews, R.D., founder of The Gourmet RD. For starters, we mostly grill whole foods like meats and … Read the rest

6 Barbecue Sauces You Have to Try This Summer

6 Barbecue Sauces You Have to Try This Summer

Have you upgraded your dusty repertoire of barbecue sauces in, oh, the past decade? Quit the expired stuff (or the factory-farmed varieties in your fridge) and go for these satisfying offerings that can save even the blandest of dinners. From keto-friendly picks to North Carolina blends, here are a few of our favorite barbecue sauces on the market.

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How to Host the Ultimate Backyard Bash This Summer

How to Host the Ultimate Backyard Bash This Summer

The grill is ready for some barbecue, your friends are ready for some liquor, and you’re ready to let loose for a few hours. Here are some tips to turn your cookout into the highlight of the season and to help you master the backyard bash.

1. The Party Primer: How to Keep the Good Times Rolling

Contain the Space

To ensure your cookout feels full, says Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering, confine the party area so that people aren’t widely dispersed, draining the energy. “Density is your friend,” she adds, so don’t let people hang out in the kitchen, sucking away momentum.

But Spread Out the Goods

You want to give people reasons to keep moving and chatting with other guests. To that end, separate the essentials—the punch bowl, the appetizers, the beer cooler—so guests aren’t stagnant.

Play by the Rules

“People like rules,” explains … Read the rest

These Are the Most Searched Gifts for Men for 2019

These Are the Most Searched Gifts for Men for 2019

What are the most searched for gifts for men? Unsurprisingly, thus far this year the most searched gifts for men revolve around summertime, the backyard, and barbecue! Yes, grilling is one of man’s great pleasures, and research clearly shows, without a doubt, that men want grilling accessories as gifts.

Actually, anything for the backyard makes a great gift for men. Patio furniture is great; lawn and yard gadgets are awesome, too. Most anything beer and/or barbecue related is gleefully accepted. But it’s grilling and cooking supplies that pop up most often.

According to data, the most searched for gifts for men in 2019 are:

  1. Solar Patio Umbrella

  2. BBQ Grilling Tool Set

  3. Grill Skillet

  4. Ravioli Maker

  5. OXO Digital Meat Thermometer

  6. GelPro Elite Floor Mat

  7. Thirstystone Marble Coaster

  8. Acacia Wood Salad Set

  9. Architec Gripper Cutting Boards

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