Flash Sale! 20% Off Sitewide at Manscaped

Flash Sale! 20% Off Sitewide at Manscaped

Ever heard the term “the right tools for the job”? Nowhere is that old adage truer than when it comes to manscaping. If you’re not using the right equipment on your equipment, one slip or miss could mean a world of hurt. Or worse.

That’s why we love Manscaped. Dedicated to products that tidy up a man’s nether regions, Manscaped gets us. And right now, you can take 20 percent off sitewide at Manscaped. They’ve got trimmers and safety razors designed specifically for reaching and maintaining sensitive areas. And there’s an entire collection of lotions, powders, and skin and hair tools and products to keep things fresh and nice down there.

The Shark Tank alumni have, er, carved out a very important niche for themselves in men’s grooming. How?

Why Should You Manscape?

Excess hair can trap dirt and sweat, resulting in bacteria—and odor

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