How a Young Girl Recovered from Lyme Disease

May is World Lyme Disease Awareness Month and we certainly need to increase awareness of the disease in the US. According to the EPA, the incidence of Lyme disease in the United States is spreading fast (1). It has in all areas of the country now and predictions are that one in 100 people will get the disease by 2020 (2).

There have been several cases of misdiagnosed Lyme’s disease reported in the media recently. One young lady in Fresno was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease, but unfortunately it was too late and she passed away last year (3).

I treated a similar case, but this one had a happy ending.
Veronica first started having symptoms when she was in kindergarten. “She had
such severe stomach pains and her symptoms got worse as the year went on,” says
Tara, Veronica’s mother. “The pain spread to her legs and eventually made
walking very difficult”.

Veronica’s teacher told Tara that she’d never seen anyone in
such pain before. As any concerned mother would, Tara consulted many doctors,
including one in Minnesota and one in Austin. A highly-recommended Lyme
Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) flew in from New York and worked on Veronica’s
case, but none of them could accurately establish the cause of her pain and distress.

When she was 10 years old, they came to see me.  Veronica was still experiencing difficulty
walking and even had to use a wheelchair when they went on vacation.

Response Testing® revealed that the cause of the problem was Lyme Disease, complicated
by a co-infection. Veronica was put on a highly-personalized, clinical
nutrition treatment plan using only organic, plant-based, whole food
supplements. The regimen was tested regularly and adjusted as her body began to

It has taken two years for Veronica to get back to good
health, but she is a happy, healthy girl now. 
She’s not only walking again, she’s running and ice skating!

“It is truly a blessing we came here, and I thank God we found Nutrition Response Testing and Dr. Gregoire!” says Tara. “Veronica now leads a full life.”


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