The 13 Best Gym Bags and Duffles for Men

What’s the best gym bag you can buy? It’s a loaded question, because we all have different needs, as well as different tastes. Some of us have a dedicated bag where our gym gear lives. Others like to use a variety of bags depending on the day, the type of workout, whether we’re going to work before/after our session, etc. Some like fancy attaches that make a statement, while others prefer no-frills satchels that get the job done. Most of us fall somewhere in between. It’s a purely subjective thing.

It’s impossible to find the perfect gym bag to suit every guy. So we’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorites for your consideration. Here are 13 of the best gym bags for men:

  1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffles

  2. UA Undeniable 4.0

  3. Victorinox Altmont Backpack

  4. Everest Gym Bag

  5. Nike Brasilia Medium Duffle Bag

  6. Nike Hoops Elite Gymsack 2.0

  7. KomalC Genuine Leather Duffle

  8. Backcountry All Around 40l Duffle

  9. Thule Chasm Duffle Bag

  10. adidas Defender II Duffle Gym Bag

  11. Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole 30l

  12. HOLYLUCK Sport Gym Sackpack

  13. adidas Diablo

The important thing to remember is to buy the gym bag you’re comfortable with. Whether you prefer a duffle bag with a separate compartment for shoes or wet clothes, or you just need a drawstring sack to carry your wallet, keys, phone, and EDC items, there’s a variety of gym bags on the market.

You can choose a roomy duffle bag that has enough space to lug a full change of clothes, or you can go for something you can sling over your shoulder and take along on your commute. Duffles come in all sizes and materials, let alone styles and colors. There are a multitude of considerations, but the only key factor is how it feels and looks to you.

And there’s no need to spend a ton of money on a decent gym bag. No matter if you’re looking for a duffle or a backpack, beware of trendy brands that promise the moon. Instead, look for user reviews by real people. Those will provide the most accurate gauge of a gym bag’s quality and performance. Any bag that has a hundred reviews or more and still gets a solid rating will do the trick.

What’s the best gym bag for men? Check out our picks below.

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