The Best Clinical-Strength Deodorants

Hyperhidrosis is the pits, as is any excessive sweating or persistent perspiration. It prevents you from feeling comfortable in your own skin and clothes, and it forces you to soak in your own bodily swamp all day while your coworkers question a curious stench in the air. You need to step things up with clinical-strength deodorants.

A clinical-strength stick or wipe is enhanced with aluminum to neutralize and stop sweat for up to seven days, depending on the product and your own regimen and reaction to it. They’re stronger than the usual antiperspirants, but their aluminum grades are higher.

If you suffer from any such sweaty condition, then the clinical-strength deodorants below will keep you smelling and feeling fresh. Use any of them year round if you need to, or ad hoc if you have a big work presentation and first date approaching.

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