The Best Grills for Small Outdoor Spaces

If you’re anything like us, you want to grill everything come summer: fire-licked skirt steak and juicy burgers with the perfect amount of char, skewered shrimp and cedar-plank salmon—hell, even cocktails and dessert.

But if you’re a city-dweller, you’re at a disadvantage. That tiny charcoal grill you bought at Target may fit on your closet-size patio, but it fails to deliver flavor and can barely fit more than a single steak.

Just because you live in a city or small space doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to sub-par charred vegetables or smoked meat. More and more blue ribbon companies are making compact, quality, patio-friendly grills.

Great news because grilling is a great addition to healthy cooking, says chef and dietitian Julie Andrews, R.D., founder of The Gourmet RD. For starters, we mostly grill whole foods like meats and veggies and just brush them with a little oil, she explains. Unlike frying, there isn’t much added fat for cooking, yet you still get a ton of flavor from the flames, charcoal, or smoking process, she adds. (Just be sure to steer clear of sugar- and sodium-packed marinades and don’t char your meats, which can create carcinogens.)

Ready to light it up this summer? Here are seven grills and smokers boasting big flavor in small sizes.

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