The Best New Sunglasses You Can Wear on Any Adventure

Whether you’re heading out on a long bike ride or lounging by the pool, no outdoor summer activity is complete without a good pair of shades. And if you’ve been toting around the same frames for years—or your good pair went overboard at the lake last season—now’s the perfect time to upgrade. Brands are rolling out their newest spring and summer sunglasses, so you have plenty of great options to choose from.

Although they fall into the “accessory” category, a good pair of frames is really an essential. They can make or break an outfit, says Courtney Mays, stylist for NBA player Kevin Love.

“Sunglasses are the final touch to complete a look,” she says. “They add that instant cool factor, even if you’re in sweats.”

When picking out a new pair, focus on fit, shape, and style, Mays advises. Look for frames that fit your head well (and stay put when you wear them), and opt for a shape and style that matches your wardrobe and personality. The best way to determine what works is to visit a store and try on frames, she says. Once you find a shape you like, you can experiment with different materials and colors.

Already have a pair of shades in your drawer? Add to your collection by branching out into new styles.

“Go for a color, lens, or metal you wouldn’t normally choose,” Mays says.

We perused recent releases and put together this collection of our favorite new men’s sunglasses. From ultralight, sporty shades to updates on classic frames, there’s something here for every occasion—and every guy.

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