The Best Weighted Blankets for Travel

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a weighted blanket compact enough to carry on that could still provide all the benefits you’re looking for? We dug around and found several. Here are the best weighted blankets for travel.

Travel is trying enough. And for many people, anxiety-ridden. Many of us like to close our eyes, put on our headphones, sink into our own world and block out all the nonsense. A weighted blanket is ideal for that. It forms a sort of cocoon around its sleeper, promoting deeper, more fulfilling rest.

Sounds perfect, right? Then you need a weighted travel blanket. (And killer over-ear headphones, of course!)

Wouldn’t Any Weighted Blanket Be Fine For Travel?

Being as heavy as they are, most weighted blankets are designed to be throw-sized, about 48×72 inches. They’re great on a bed, because the point is to isolate and ensconce the individual sleeper. But in the cramped seat of an airplane cabin or train car, that’s too much blanket. Whatever part of it that’s not covering you will creep into your neighbor’s space, or (way worse) fall down onto the nasty floor.

And, as mentioned above, most of us are carrying too much stuff onto the plane or train already. Adding a 10 or 12-pound blanket to our load is just way too much to ask.

So we stuck to smaller-sized weighted blankets for this list. Many are made specifically for travel, but here’s a hot tip: smaller and lighter weighted blankets for kids are the perfect size for traveling. And they all weigh less than ten pounds—another travel perk. But they’re plenty big enough to cover your torso and/or legs, and to give you that isolated cocoon—which is what light sleepers need, and travelers desire. Just make sure to choose your color carefully, or else you might end up with SpongeBob on your blankie.

Ready to travel in comfort? Check out some of these best weighted blankets for travel.

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