The Most Important Gym-Bag Essential You’re Probably Forgetting

Say you’re grocery shopping, buying chicken and broccoli to cook for the week—and a frozen burrito for tonight. People tend to make healthy choices when planning ahead, and they go for indulgence in the moment. This happens to exercisers, too, which is why you need some gym-bag essentials.

In a study published in Nutrients, people were asked to pick either an apple or a brownie for a post-fitness snack. Pre-workout they were 33 percent likelier to pick fruit. But after working out, brownies won by 25 percent. Exercise turns on hunger hormones, which also helps explain the brownie bump.

Plan ahead and bring some gym-bag snacks. Pack ones with a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein, along with healthy fats, like carrots and hummus. Also check out our favorite post-workout snacks.

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