The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2019

With so many awesome products and gadgets for every taste and interest, and so many great retailers and outfitters making and selling such fantastic stuff, finding something any dad will enjoy is pretty easy. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Dad, we’ve got you covered with our Father’s Day gift guide.

From retro styles that utilize modern technology to gear and gadgets to make his hobbies even more enjoyable, there’s something here for most every dad. Is dad a golfer? Get him a tool or two to help him improve his score. Is dad a fisherman? Help him get even more out of it by expanding his horizons. There’s even a set of whiskey glasses that keep his favorite spirit at a consistent temperature. Let Dad enjoy his evening dram on his own terms.

Even the simple, day-to-day things can be enhanced. We’ve got a smart door lock with bright, easy-to-read numbers so he’ll never have to worry about losing his keys. And a sonic toothbrush that does a better job with less effort.

Speaking of reminiscence, how about a fun-yet-functional Charlie Brown watch? It’s a Timex, too, so the old-school quality and simple, iconic style are intact. Or how about a pair of top-flight Sennheiser wireless headphones that look straight from the hi-fi era but work like today’s high tech? (They’re nearly 50 percent off.) And no matter what style your Dad’s into, everyone’s Pops could use a soft, comfortable hoodie or a supple leather briefcase.

So take a cue from Dad, and relax. There’s no need to stress about Father’s Day. Just check out this great stuff in our Father’s Day gift guide.

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