This Performance Apparel Uses Space Innovation for the Most High-Tech Workout Ever

Form should follow function. We like stuff that works, whether it looks great or not. If it doesn’t perform, it won’t become an essential part of our rotation. Give us something that works well and looks great, though, and we’re hooked. Enter Vaiden apparel.

Vaiden makes performance apparel that utilizes high-tech features like odor-wicking silver to keep you dry and feeling good while you work out. The sleek, no-nonsense design is focused on performance, not flash. And the company’s latest innovation is derived directly from space.


That’s right. Vaiden uses a patented and certified Phase Change Material originally developed to help astronauts regulate their temperature in space, and integrates it into sexy, sleek performance apparel. The thermally adaptive fabric acts like a battery,  providing thermoregulation by absorbing and storing excess heat from your skin’s surface into microcapsules it calls thermocules. As your body temp changes, that heat is released either toward or away from your skin, helping to regulate the skin’s microclimate and helping you maintain a consistent temperature.

Triton Astronaut Tech Shirt


Vaiden makes two tops that utilize Phase Change Material. The Triton Astronaut Tech Shirt [$70,] is available in sizes up to 3XL. It balances the microclimate between your skin and the clothing, maintaining your temperature to keep you performing at your best without the distractions or negative physical effects of being too hot or too cold. With long, raglan-style sleeves and a zip tech pocket on the left bicep, it’s lightweight and designed to fit loosely. So it’s great for lifting, CrossFit, or any physical activity. We particularly love it for running or biking in the evening, fall or spring.

Heliosphere Astronaut Tech Pullover


The Heliosphere Astronaut Tech Pullover [$90,] is a heavier, quarter-zip top layer. With a zip pocket on either side, it’s fantastic for year-round outdoor activity when you need to perform and stay warm. If you’re a hiker or camper, it’s perfect for when the temperatures drop. It’s also available up to 3XL.

Keeping with the theme of form following function, both Vaiden space-tech shirts come only in black. Graphics are limited to a subtle grey chest logo. So you can focus on the task, not the fashion.

Vaiden also makes a full line of high-tech performance athletic gear. Some of it uses odor-fighting silver, most of it comes in black, and all of it follows the function, as well as the form. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the rest of the Vaiden collection.

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