This Pork Schnitzel With Avocado Ranch Will Have You Frying High

Pork schnitzel might seem better suited to Oktoberfest than summertime. But not the way it’s done by Evan and Sarah Rich, the couple behind Rich Table in San Francisco (and authors of a new cookbook of the same name).

They top the cutlet with a bright cucumber salad and cool herb-infused ranch dressing, so it eats like an entree-size salad.

“This is how we think about food,” Evan Rich says, “using raw vegetables and acidity to cut through heavy, fatty things.”

Rather than the usual pork shoulder, they call for center-cut, bone-in pork chops. “It’s already nice and tender, so you don’t need to pound it super-flat,” says Rich. Try it his way and you’ll never use another cut again.

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