Under Armour RUSH Compression Gear Helps You Recover Faster

Once you finish that marathon, outlast the competition in a muddy obstacle race, or max out your HIIT workout, you need your body to start repairing and recharging as quickly as possible. But who has the time to foam roll, ice, and rest? There’s a faster way to speed recovery: UA RUSH athletic apparel. Now you can get recovery started before your workout is even over.

Compression clothing gear boosts recovery by forcing blood to flow faster and more efficiently to your heart, which pumps oxygen-rich blood back to your muscles. The targeted compression that UA RUSH provides can also clear lactic acid buildup to relieve soreness. This gets you off the couch and back on the court—or into the gym, or onto the field—faster.

Athletes wear compression gear both on and off the court and in and out of the gym. From NBA players to runners to football players, compression gear has proven benefits. Plus, in the medical field, compression was (and still is) used to decrease inflammation in patients, so it makes sense that it’s a must-have for both athletes and average gym-goers who get sore muscles after a particularly tough workout.

“During a workout, the body has endured micro-tearing of the muscle and created lactic acid, which it flushes out through the lymphatic system,” Chad Beauchamp, a Southern California–based sports physical therapist, told Men’s Journal. “It would normally take two or three days to flush out the excess, but [compression] garments quicken this process, so you’ll have less muscle soreness and recover a lot faster.”

Sound good? It gets better. UA RUSH gear is made with mineral-infused fabric that absorbs the body heat you manufacture during performance, and converts it into infrared energy. That energy is then reflected and re-emitted back into your body. Wear UA RUSH when you work out, and not only will the compression improve your circulation, help clear lactic acid, and speed your recovery, but the infrared therapy can increase your endurance and strength. So you can work out even longer. So you can recover even faster, and work out even harder. And so on.

Use UA RUSH apparel regularly, and you can create a cycle of improved performance and faster recovery that’s beneficial not just to your workout regimen, but your overall health and fitness.

Will UA RUSH Improve My Game?

UA RUSH gear is particularly advantageous in competitive sports like basketball, where you’re engaging in explosive movements such as sprinting and jumping. Not only will you speed your recovery, compression apparel inspires confidence by providing feedback on how your body reacts to these sudden movements. When you better know how your body is feeling, you’re able to push yourself harder when you need to—or call it quits when you have to. This advanced body awareness is known as proprioception.

With UA RUSH apparel, the harder you push, the hotter you get. The hotter you get, the more infrared energy you create, so the faster you recover. So the harder you work. So the hotter you get. And so on.

Additionally, they just look (and feel) great. The line is comprised of mostly soft greys, muted earth tones and classic black, so there’s no danger of mismatching your gear. They also fit like a second skin, minus the squeeze. It’s comfortable, not constricting. Reviewers love the line, too. Many note that the leggings and tees are the items they reach for the most before a workout, and many claim that the compression gear has become part of their new gym uniform. We can’t blame them.

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