We Found the Best Competitive Fighting and MMA Training Gear at Elite Sports

If you’re into MMA, boxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, grappling or any other high-intensity fitness activity or competitive sport, you know that any old gym gear just won’t cut it. You need the right gear for the task, just like you need the right tools for the job—and the right move to end the match. For the best in competitive fighting and MMA training gear, check out Elite Sports.

Right now it’s the Summer Sale at Elite Sports. Everything is 15 percent off with the code PARENT15. We’ve selected a few of our favorites below.

Elite Sports

Elite Sports offers affordable yet stylish martial arts gear that’s as comfortable to wear as it is protective and efficient on the mat. From gi’s to gym bags, boxing gloves to compression shorts to weight lifting belts, Elite has it. This is high-quality gear that’s made to withstand the punishment it metes out. These guys make the best gear because they fight, too. They know what it takes to be better than the competition: discipline. And they apply that discipline to their craft.

What Makes Elite Sports Great?

MMA is based on centuries-old techniques, yet with its fairly recent popularity, its gear is still evolving into the 21st century. That’s why Elite takes advantage of modern manufacturing techniques and contemporary materials to create cutting-edge equipment with attention to detail, and a healthy respect for its elders. Sweat-wicking material, stretch fabrics, modern compounds—and tried-and-true solutions like real leather make up Elite’s extensive line of fighting gear.

fighting equipment
Elite Sports

These guys are fighters, too. They understand that if you cut corners in the gym, your weaknesses will show up in the ring or on the mat. Whether they’re fighting in the local gym or on the national MMA circuit, a champion can take no shortcuts. And is fighting gear needs to be as tough and demanding as he (or she) is. That’s why Elite Sports is being worn by more and more fighters every day.

Check out some of our favorite MMA training gear from Elite Sports below. And don’t forget to use the code PARENT15 to get 15 percent off our purchase. Sign up for the newsletter, and you can get an even bigger discount.

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