We Found the Best Summer Cooling Sheets for Every Kind of Sleeper

Summertime sleeping is tough. While some people get by cranking the A/C all night long, that’s hardly affordable—or healthy. Besides, not everyone likes to sleep in an icebox. Where can you find the perfect cooling summer sheets for every kind of sleeper? Right here!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite suspects and some surprising newcomers, and put together this list of the best cooling sheets for summer sleeping. Whether you run hot and kick all the covers off, or shiver at the very thought of even a fan blowing on you, we’ve got you covered. (See what we did there?)

No matter if you’re a light sleeper who wakes up whenever the refrigerator comes on in the middle of the night, or a lumberjack who can saw logs through an earthquake and never even rouse, there’s a cooling sheet here that’s perfect for you. We even found a fantastic set of sheets that utilize infrared technology to reflect energy back into the cells of your body, helping you sleep while speeding athletic recovery.

What Are the Best Cooling Sheets for Sleeping in Summer?

We found a cooling sheet solution for all kinds of summer sleepers:

Check them out below.

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